Our marketing team asked me to write a blog about Edwards Creative celebrating our 15 year anniversary this week. 

Normally, I would dive right in to the task, get it done quickly and move on. But not this time. This time I got stuck. I kept asking myself the same questions over and over again in my head. Does 15 years matter? How can 15 years matter when other companies in our community are celebrating 50 years or 100 years? How many years do you have to be in business before you can declare that you’ve reached a milestone that justifies writing a blog?

And then it hit me. Milestone.

By definition the term milestone means “marking a stage in development”.  Okay, I can work with that. Our company has reached a stage in our development that we can proudly call 15 years in business. 15 years of building a business with my husband and partner, Steve. 15 years of working with creative team members who are the best in the business and really do love to come to work everyday. 15 years of loyal clients that trust us, support us, and encourage us to do our best work.  

During those 15 years we moved our offices three times. We watched our team grow to 25 strong as we embraced new technologies and new markets. Conceptual design, custom fabrication, and audio visual became integrated into every aspect of our work.  Our projects moved further and further into the museum, trade show, and corporate environment arenas.

As our company grew, so did our children. Today, with their college years complete, we know that their success is our success and all part of our story.

I realize that people will tell us to just call it an anniversary, and maybe they are right. 

But I want to keep calling it a milestone. It infers that we’re in the middle of something bigger. Bigger than 15 years. It demands that we consider what is next for our company, rather than what has already been achieved.

I imagine that the next milestone for our company will include even more immersive and interactive technologies, state of the art equipment, and innovative materials that support sustainability. You can also bet that next will be an even stronger focus on collaborating with partners and supporting our amazing and talented creative team.

Of course I’ll continue to recognize anniversaries as they come and go, because the years do count. But you can bet I’ll be also be thinking about all kinds of milestones, big and small, in our company too.