“Creative is why we keep coming to work every day. It’s the best part of what we do, and we plug it into every project.”

Our Story

Since 2005, Steve and Cathy Edwards have been enjoying their dream jobs. “Well, it’s more my dream,” says Steve with a laugh. “I dragged Cathy into it!”

Steve grew up as a part of a family business, and it was always a goal to own his own. Sacrifice and responsibility, he knew, was part of it. But so was the absolute satisfaction of doing your own thing. And design is Steve’s thing. He loves creating. He loves seeing a project through to completion, to see the morsel of the idea turn into something big. For Cathy, the satisfaction is more about community. “Giving back to our community is huge for me. We hire local as much as possible, and we try to lift up other organizations through charitable giving and volunteerism.”

Close-Knit Group

Cathy is the business end, and Steve is the creative. Their worlds collide of course, but their separation of duties allows them to use their different skill sets to keep the business humming.  “Our staff is absolutely family,” they say. And they mean it. The close-knit group has a palpable energy that fills their 20,000 sq. foot “dome” in Milan, Illinois, where they moved in 2013.

How things have changed.

The business was a success even in smaller quarters, though. Cathy recalls that in their first space, flipping a board was nearly impossible because the ceilings were so low! But in the Edwards Creative dome, they house numerous displays throughout their huge showroom, have a large, working carpentry and finishing shop – plus large format printers and cutters.

It's about the atmosphere.

A bigger space, however, doesn’t mean they have a different approach to their business, which began in Steve’s basement more than a decade ago. Their down-to-earth personalities, excellent customer service and amazing work, resonates with their clients. “Our approach is simple. We’re always customer-centered, but in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. And that is what really does make this a dream job.”