Case Study – Events and Signs


Promote the

John Deere Classic.

What began in 1971 as the Quad Cities Open, has grown to become one of the most successful stops on the PGA Tour, as well as a favorite among fans and players. This past year alone, the John Deere Classic brought close to 100,000 visitors to the event and raised $5.29 million for local and regional charities. Within the past few years, John Deere has rebranded itself to give an updated look to all of its designs. The John Deere Classic was no exception to this update. Andrew Lehman, Assistant Tournament Director, said, “The signs we were using beforeust looked outdated with the vinyl and just weren’t up to the standards that normally are associated with John Deere”. When they began thinking about updating the signs, they knew Steve Edwards and had a good working relationship with the company. That combined with knowing that they’ve  done other work for John Deere and that they were a local company were the major factors in why the team decided to work with  Edwards Creative.

"Edwards stepped up to the challenge and got it done."

Brent Werner

Update the look

of the event signage.

Moving forward, Edwards Creative and the John Deere Classic teams worked together with those at John Deere Corporate to make sure that the signage was going to be up to the standards with the color and the look. Once that was determined, Edwards Creative worked on creating an organized way to keep track of printing hundreds of signs. Andrew thought it worked well having everything printed off site at the Edwards Creative office and delivered once they were finished. Edwards Creative even set up a mobile office at TPC Deere Run so that they could make any signs that may have been needed quickly. However, with Edwards Creative’s quick turnaround on printing, there were never many questions about any lag time in  needing a sign finished.


Design, organize, and

print new signs.

When asked about the difference between the original vinyl signs to the new direct-to-substrate printed signs, Andrew said, “They all have a unified look. When visitors get onsite, they know it’s all John Deere related. Having that look across the board gives a first class impression of the tournament and of John Deere”. They also have started following templates for the signs so there are standard sizes which make it easier to keep everything consistent. The quality of the finished signs are great. Andrew mentioned, “They look good and hold up really well. You don’t notice any scratches on many of them, so the print job is durable and holds up well from year to year, even with all of the handling and transport of the signs.


A first class looking

John Deere event.

Overall, the team at Edwards Creative has enjoyed being a part of the John Deere Classic and having the opportunity to help make things a little easier for Andrew and the rest of the tournament team. We asked Andrew if there were a few words that he would use to describe Edwards Creative as a company. He said, “They are first class in the way that they help make sure that the Classic is presented as a Deere brand so that they look good in front of the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come out to the tournament. They have integrity which is important. They don’t just do the job to get it over with. They’re going to make sure that it’s done right and done to the best of their ability. There’s also that WOW factor. The Edwards Creative team knows what they are doing and they’re good at it. I don’t have to worry about the project once it’s given over to Steve. I don’t have to hand hold anyone, so it’s a comfort factor for us. There’s no micro-management necessary which is great”.

Werner Restoration

"Edwards plays a large part in helping us maintain and develop our brand."