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Managing Museum Visitor Expectations During COVID-19

It’s been quite a year. We’re all adapting to new policies and procedures when it comes to public health and safety. The museum industry is certainly not immune to this, and museums are not only adapting, but embracing the new... Read More

Knockin’ it Out of the Park: The “Field of Dreams” Gets Its Own Museum

The Dream Earlier this year, when Amanda Schwartz, Director of the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville, Iowa, and Jacque Rahe, Executive Director of Dyersville Economic Development Corporation approached us with an idea to turn a small downtown boutique into... Read More

Top 7 Things to Know When Writing a Grant

Whether you’re a non-profit organization or not, I’m sure you’ve heard that grant funding is kind of a big deal. Most non-profit museums depend on grant money for programming, exhibits, and even operational support. That grant money is quite literally... Read More

EC Perspective: The Future of Museums

Someone recently asked me, “what does the future of museums look like?” I began to think about the trends that I’ve witnessed over the past 15 years. How the needs of museums and visitors have ebbed and flowed with the... Read More