Now that you’ve got a sweet wrap, how do you take care of it?

So you’ve worked with us on getting your ride wrapped, it looks great, you love it, and you get comments all the time. How do you keep that feeling for as long as possible you ask? You keep your wrap looking like it just came out of the EC garage by following these pretty straight forward steps:

*Window graphics are going to be the easiest part to forget once you leave our place. Make sure when shoveling out your car from the ice and snow that you don’t take an ice scraper to any windows that have graphics on them as they’ll be toast with that first scrape. Same goes for windshield wipers in the rain.

*Whenever you go for carwashes, our first suggestion is going to be washing by hand with a soft cloth and a mild (solvent and alcohol free) cleaner. If you’re not into the whole hand washing thing, commercial car washes work too. Just make sure they’re the “touch free” car wash and watch out for some establishments that do use extra pressure in their sprays (try to avoid these as they may hurt the edging of the wraps). In winter, be cautious with washing when it’s bitter cold out, the vinyl becomes pretty brittle.

*Do regular walk throughs on your vehicle to watch for any bubbling or lifting of graphics. The earlier something is caught, usually the easier it is to fix. If you wait on it, a minor repair can become a much larger issue.

With those simple steps, wraps can be pretty easy to take care of all year long while boosting your swagger out on the road.