Custom built jumbo slot machine is larger than life!

This year kicked off with a request we’ve not had before. We had the opportunity to build a life-size custom slot machine. Our designers and the client initially talked through their dreams of what they hoped a final product would look like. What followed was a 3-D rendering that showcased an 8′ x 8′ purple laminated display that allowed for spinning wheels that would lock when needed, rolling wheels to move the entire base, and graphics that would fit the theme for the promotion. After approval, our custom fabrication team got started on the build of the multiple parts to make the display complete. Once framed out, everything had to be laminated. The graphics were printed and assembled. The wheels were tested out to make sure the speed wasn’t too fast or too slow.

The final product was one that continues to wow patrons as they come to visit Jumers. It’s definitely been great to hear that we made someone’s idea a reality!