Museum Services

 There’s a big difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

 When it comes to museum exhibits, extraordinary is what we do. We thrill, inspire, and impress. Our relentless drive to make awesome visitor experiences is second to none. At Edwards Creative, we pride ourselves on establishing a solid relationship with you that is founded on communication. You are the most valuable team member during the lifecycle of any project. It’s our job to value engineer our concepts to best fit your needs, budget, and ideas.

Pssssst…We’re proud to serve state and federal institutions too.
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Museum Services


Cost Analysis
Planning and Development
Schedule Management
Subcontractor Procurement
Artifact Inventories
Long-term Planning


Graphic Design
Interactive Design
Audio Visual Design
3-D Renderings
Story and Content Development
Writing, Research, and Editing


Custom Cases and Mounts
Hands-on Interactives
Custom Exhibitry and Crates
Graphic Production
Custom Kiosks
AV Hardware Procurement


Freight Organization
Equipment Coordination
Lighting Setup
Onsite AV Programming
Custom Graphic Installation
Quality Inspection and Follow-up

Our 3-phase process

Ensures ideas are expressed, designed, and implemented to fit your needs and goals.

Phase I

Start your Engines.

After taking the time to get to know a little bit you and your project, we start to concept. Depending on the size and scale of your project, our team of project managers, designers, builders, programmers, and all-around creative geniuses start to brainstorm and research. At the end of this phase we’ll give you a conceptual design package that includes ideas, themes, designs, layouts, color schemes, and a written narrative that allow you to visualize all of our ideas, intentions, and schedule. We’ll review this package and budget with you in person.

Phase II

Your ideas take flight.

Once we receive your approval to move forward, the ideas and concepts presented during Phase I are enhanced, modified, and refined to meet the exact specifications of the space. Construction specifications, materials, color, text, and schedules are laid out and finalized for your review. At the end of this phase, you’ll be able to see the intricate details and particulars of how we intend the space to look, feel, and be experienced. 

Phase III

You’ve reached your destination.

This is where your project comes to life. With your approval, our team begins to fabricate all the elements of your project. From printing and mounting graphics to custom-building kiosks, exhibits, and cabinetry, our fabrication team takes the lead during this phase. Once everything is made, our installation team will carefully and masterfully crate all exhibit pieces to ensure safe delivery to the installation site. Then they’ll get to work installing, ensuring the final product is just as extraordinary as the concepts you saw in Phase I.

Do you have a big idea? Or need a big idea?

Tell us a little bit about you and your project, and we’ll get this show on the road!

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