For 12 years we have been working with clients to deliver great design and great innovative products.  But every now and then you have to take a look at your business, evaluate and update. That’s just what we did with our own message. With our added capabilities, team members, and equipment, we knew it was time for a fresh new perspective on Edwards Creative. Our new message?   Image Illumination.  A perspective that shows that we’re all just kids at heart.   We know how to have fun where we work, yet we are professionals with great design in mind. We put your image in its best light. We are fun, flexible and creative and we will ensure that your company’s image is taken care of through all facets of your project.

From start to finish, we designed our new site ourselves. Who knew right?  So it’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s a clean and fresh take on our brand. You’ll see as we start to roll out the campaign, that we’re spanning it across all platforms, including displays, our new massive van, sponsorships, collateral materials, and more.  We are going to shout it from the rooftops, email everyone, and share it on social media.   In other words, your are going to see it everywhere-so we hope you love it!