For 12 years, we’ve been doing what we do and part of why we’ve been so successful is because we’ve utilized resources like the Quad Cities Chamber. It’s an organization that is there to help support your business whether you’re a pair of dynamic duo small business owners, or you’re a CEO of a large corporation. The Chamber helps connect you to the right people.
The ways they’re trying to grow the QC are endless. Things like advocating for our area to bring in businesses, attracting young professionals to the area, and providing networking opportunities to help grow your business are the day in and outs of many of the faces at the Chamber. They make sure that your needs are heard no matter how big or small. They help you celebrate those momentous occasions when you hit business milestones or they help ensure a problem is addressed or will put you in contact with the right people to get you answers.
The Chamber is an invaluable asset to the community and connect us as an area, not just one specific town to help us grow our region. What is good for one town is great for all of our towns.